Hello and welcome to The Alkymist!


Since discovering my own food allergies – currently only gluten, dairy, tomatoes and sesame seeds, but we’re still counting – I’ve had to explore other ways of eating, most of which are less than ideal. Gluten-free breads are filled with nutritionless starches and processed additives like xanthan gum and dairy-free milks are filled with these same processed additives as well as other fun things like carrageenan.

What does this have to do with alchemy? Well, an alchemist (alkymist is so much cuter, don’t you think?) pursued impossibilities such as a way to live forever and a method of transforming worthless metals into gold. I’m on a mission to find culinary impossibilities, a way to transform the processed allergy-free foods into culinary gold –  foods that are allergy-free, taste like “real” food and don’t have any additives. And along the way we might just come across the real secret to prolonging life: a Sorcerer’s Stone fashioned from whole, natural ingredients.

You can read about my journey through the world of nutrition here.

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