Blue Moon Banana Soft Serve

July 22, 2013 § 5 Comments


For you midwesterners out there you’ll understand why this is so exciting. For those of you who aren’t midwesterners, just believe me. It’s exciting.


Blue Moon ice cream is a classic midwestern treat that I enjoyed during the summers I spent as a child in Michigan. But here on the west coast you can’t find Blue Moon. And if you are intolerant to dairy, even if you live next to an ice cream parlor that specializes in Blue Moon ice cream you can’t have Blue Moon.

So I took it into my own hands.


I know it may not look like Blue Moon, seeing as it’s pink, but you don’t want to know what’s in that ice cream to make it blue. And believe me, I did a lot of research into natural blue food colorings, but none of them were easy to find or strong enough to de-pink the ice cream. So I left it au naturel. If you know of a good natural blue food coloring, go for it.


Blue Moon Banana Soft Serve

makes 2 servings


2 frozen bananas

1/4 cup raspberries, pureed

1/4 tsp natural lemon extract

1/8 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp liquid sweetener of choice


1. Blend the bananas in a food processor until a soft serve-like texture is achieved.

2. Add in the pureed raspberries, lemon, vanilla extract and sweetener. Blend until well mixed.


Disclaimer: This obviously will not taste exactly like Blue Moon ice cream as it’s made with bananas and there is a slight banana flavor. It’s more inspired by or  reminiscent of Blue Moon. But it is still pretty darn close. And you can eat it for breakfast. What other Blue Moon ice cream can boast that?


I plan on attempting a version of this using coconut milk to try to achieve a more authentic taste and texture in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.

p.s. I will be away from my computer for the next week, so the earliest you will hear from me is this weekend. Have a nice week! And treat yourself to some healthy Blue Moon banana soft serve!

I am sharing this post with Whole Food Fridays, Healthy Vegan Friday and Wellness Weekend.

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