Piña Colada Breakfast Bowl

July 16, 2013 § 1 Comment


Hello! Happy first post EVER! For me, that is. I thought it’d be fitting to start off an allergy-free, healthy eating blog with dessert. Because everything’s easy if there’s dessert involved. Especially if that dessert can double as breakfast. Note quinoa porridge topped with the above below:


Now this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking recipe, but it is a really easy two-ingredient Piña Colada recipe. I happened upon this tasty tropical gem after snacking on half a can of pineapple. I never know what to do with that last half a can of anything ’cause half a can of canned fruit never really does well in the fridge. So I froze it, along with the pineapple juice it was packed in.

I had the idea to make this recipe, but since the only milk I had on hand was coconut milk it tasted more like a Piña Colada. I’m not complaining.


A note on coconut milk: because the cartons of coconut milk intended for drinking are loaded with additives (see my about page), I prefer to buy Trader Joe’s canned light coconut milk. The ingredients are simply coconut milk and water and the calorie count is reasonable, only 50 calories for 1/3 cup. Yes, that is about three times more than say Silk coconut milk, but you can always dilute it even more with water (which btw is the first ingredient in Silk rather than coconut milk) and you won’t be ingesting unnecessaries like yam flour or potential toxins like carrageenan. Just sayin’.

Aaaand speaking of toxins, I would recommend looking for BPA-free canned varieties. Like Native Forest.

(yes, TJ’s light coconut milk is BPA-free.)


Piña Colada

makes about 2 servings


Half a can of pineapple, plus juice, frozen (I used sliced, which ended up being 5 slices plus all of the juice. Pineapple chunks would work. Fresh would be preferable because cans are always iffy, but definitely not as easy.)

3/4 cup coconut milk


1. Let the frozen pineapple thaw at room temperature for a few minutes. Then add everything to a blender and blend!

You might need to add more coconut milk to facilitate blending or, if you have more patience than I did and you let your pineapple thaw, you might need less. And if you want a lower calorie, lower fat dessert, sub some of the milk for water. I cannot guarantee this will work as well because the less fat you have the less creamy your end product will be, but a piña colada slushie sounds perfectly delicious.


This is really more of an idea than a recipe. Play around with it! Have fun! If you want to add sweetener, go for it! We tried honey, but it just froze into a clump and didn’t blend. I tried topping my piña colada breakfast bowl with maple syrup, which fared better, but changed the flavor. I thought this recipe was plenty sweet on its own, but everyone has different ideal sweetness levels.

For the breakfast topper version I tried a thicker blend, which was the first half of the canned pineapple, frozen (for me, five pineapple slices) and a half cup of coconut milk. This made a yummy, creamy addition to my quinoa porridge.


Piña Colada Breakfast Bowl

makes about 2 servings


Cooked grain of your choice (I used 1/4 cup quinoa cooked in a little over 1/2 cup water)

for the Piña Colada topper:

Half a can of pineapple, frozen (for me, five slices)

1/2 cup coconut milk


1. Blend the pineapple and the coconut milk. You might need to help this one along. I broke the pineapple into pieces and stirred it every time the blender got stuck. A little more work, but still worth it!

2. Once it’s (finally) blended, just add to your favorite warm breakfast grain and enjoy!


I’m submitting this post to Healthy Vegan FridaysWhole Food Fridays and Wellness Weekend.

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